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MULTEXT - Document MSC 1. MtScript/Downloading.


Downloading MtScript


In order to run MtScript on your system you must download successively:

Downloading the MtScript package

Before downloading the MtScript package you MUST:

  1. accept the terms of the User Agreement;
  2. fill out the form below.

Step 1: Fill the form

Select the platform 
         First name   Required
          Last name   Required
             E-mail   Required

              Title   Required
Institution/Company   Required
            Country   Required
     Street address 
    Address (cont.) 
    Zip/Postal code 
         Work Phone 

       Web site URL 

Please Note: By clicking on the "I Accept the User Agreement" button:

See below to download the MtScript package and the desired free fonts.

Step 2: download the software

Download mtscript-solaris-1.1.tar.gz for Solaris system (628901 bytes)

Download mtscript-linux-1.1.tgz for Linux system (575480 bytes)

For technical support on this package contact Malek Boualem <> or Stéphane Harié <>

Step 3: download the fonts

All fonts used by MtScript are free and exist on other servers. It is possible that some of them already exist on your system.

You can download the following fonts in PCF format:

Font File name Compressed Uncompressed
Iso 8859 series xfonts-iso-8859.tar.gz 60 kb 400 kb
Chinese Big5 xfonts-big-5.tar.gz 1.3 Mb 3 Mb
Chinese GB xfonts-gb-2312-80.tar.gz 950 kb 2.3 Mb
Arabic xfonts-tex-arabic.tar.gz 32 kb 71 kb
Japanese xfonts-japanese.tar.gz 840 kb 2.5 Mb
Korean xfonts-korean.tar.gz 91 kb 480 kb

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