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Installing MtScript


1. Required environment

- SUN SPARC - Solaris 1.x and 2.x: gcc 2.7.0 / a.out binaries
- Linux (Intel): Linux 1.1.64 / gcc 2.6.2 / a.out binaries (run on elf)

- X11 fonts for the languages supported (you can download the fonts from our server).

2. Package contents

The MtScript package includes:

3. Documentation

MtScript documentation is accessible by several different means:

4. Installation steps

The following must be installed in order to use MtScript:

4.1. Installing the `mtscript' binary

The `mtscript' binary file can be placed anywhere on your workstation, for example, on /usr/bin

4.2. Language rules

The language rules are included in the "ml" directory of the package:

You must copy all of the "rules.*" and "keys.*" files to one of the following directories (note: all "rules.*" and "keys.*" files must be in the same directory):

If you copy the files to either of the first two directories, you will be able to run MtScript from within any directory on your system. If you choose any other directory, it is necessary to run MtScript from within the directory where the rules files are stored.

4.3. Installing the Fonts

You can download the fonts in PCF format from our server, but all fonts used by MtScript are free and exist on many servers. It is possible that some of them already exist on your system.

You or your system administrator can move these fonts to an appropriate font directory (for example /usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts, but since this is an alpha version, it is probably a better idea to place the fonts in your user home directory rather than in the system font directory).

A set of commands similar or identical to the following should be sufficient for properly storing the fonts:

xset +fp to add the new font directories
mkfontdir to create the font catalogues
etc ...

Once the fonts are stored, you can verify that all fonts are properly installed on your system by executing the command:


If you are not familiar with font installation, you should consult the X11 documentation, for example

man xset
(see options xset [-+]fp and xset fp[-+])

and/or ask your system administrator.

A note about font aliases:

For future portability to other platforms (Windows, Macintosh, ...), MtScript does not uses font names such as:
but instead uses font aliases such as

The font aliases are included as a fonts.alias file in the MtScript package. You must install the font aliases by copying the file fonts.alias into the corresponding font directory of your system.

5. Running MtScript

To run MtScript simply type


See Using MtScript for more options.

6. Problems with installation?

If you have any problem with the installation of MtScript, please let us know by contacting

We cannot make a committment to routinely provide maintenance, support, updates, enhancements, or modifications for MtScript (see User Agreement), but we will attempt to meet user needs to the extent possible.

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